Don Rosom Welcomes you!

Don Rosom Public Speaking Coach | CanadaI have not had the gift of public speaking for most of my life due to a Stuttering impediment. I had a dream and this was to be a public speaker. I have been so blessed to be surrounded with many friends and family who had faith in my desire to never give up on my dream.

I have struggled with what to do and how to overcome this challenge and kept on moving forward by joining Toastmasters Club, learning to socialize, make conversation, etc. Since 2002 success has been moving ahead at a faster pace when I received the new technology called “Speech Easy”.

When I retired from the corporate world, is when success started moving at a fast pace. The more I worked with successful professional people, the more comfortable I started to feel. Then in 2005, I retired. This is when my positive attitude and Trust in others started to work for success at big steps forward.

My new interest in real estate, lead me face to face with coaches and mentors who were always willing to share their knowledge and wealth of information. Then in January 2012, is when my membership in REIN (Real Estate Investors Network) leads me to start REIN Mastery program, then into REIN Speak.

The encouragement and guidance I received from the team partners, was the big turning point. I now have moved to the next level which is sharing my life’s journey and experiences with you. I have experienced many frustrations in the road from fear of speaking, to a strong desire to speak to many.

What a JOURNEY, what a DREAM, I desire to share with you. “Believing Big, Bold Prayers”. Never, never give up. Conquer Fear or Fear will Conquer you.

Public Speaking Saskatchewan Canada

Toastmaster Achievements:

DTM (distinguished Toastmaster) 2016
Area 18 Director 2015/16

PR of the year for District 42, 2016/17